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In addition to our one of a kind pieces, we now have a high quality line of customizable ladies engagement and wedding ring sets. Read on for more details and a few examples...

Feb. 15th at the Taste of India is your chance to win a one of a kind Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths garnet and diamond pendant, titled "Joy"!

Find out who won the "Feel the Love" and the "Forever Pink" pendants!

Want to win a pink tourmaline and diamond pendant?!? We've created two special pendants for two great Prince George events, and you could be one of the lucky winners.

Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths finally has a Facebook page! Now you have another way to share your favorite one of a kind pieces with your friends!

In this article we explain what it takes to create an accurate appraisal of your jewellery, and show you an example of what our finished appraisals look like.

Some things are worth rescuing. Our goldsmiths take pride in their ability to do what it takes to preserve and extend the lives of heirloom and antique pieces.

In an article published on March 30th in the Prince George Free Press Teresa Mallam talks with Darrell Hubbell about the rose gold and diamond pendant that Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths will donate to the Prince George Symphony Orchestra's "The Red Violin".

On Saturday March 31st, the PGSO welcomed Elizabeth Pitcairn, a violin virtuoso, to play her Red Stradivarius violin. To honour this distinguished event we created a gold and diamond violin pendant titled "The Master's Touch". The raffle for this pendant raised over $6000 for the PGSO. Please read on for the rest of the story.

Though we specialize in making one of a kind, designed just for you pieces, we also do repairs and have a great respect for sentimental pieces that already exist. We can size or repair most jewellery items, including antiques, and will go out of our way to help with unusual items. We have repaired broken picture frames, ornamental containers, teapots, figurines and many other emotionally significant pieces. We can also help with some rather unusual requests, such as setting diamonds in gold teeth, and making pieces of artwork with silver and gold that incorporate natural materials, like geodes or coral. If you have something you need help with and don't know who to ask, try us.

Darrell Hubbell was awarded the title of Citizen of the Year on October 21st, 2011. This is an article from the Prince George Citizen which was printed on October 22nd, 2011. The article was written by Arthur Williams.

Darrell Hubbell was awarded the title of Citizen of the Year on October 21st, 2011. This is the article from the Prince George Free Press which was printed on October 26th of 2011. The article was written by Teresa Mallam.

Wedding jackets are a new approach to wedding bands. They look the same as three bands perfetly fitted together, but they aren't soldered together and don't twist and wear on one another. They are always perfectly lined up, but the engagement ring can be worn on it's own as well. Come take a look at how they work, and what they are all about.

Did you know that we can reclaim your gold and gemstones and make them into something new for you? We can take your items and design something just right for you or someone you love - and because we make everything by hand in our store from scratch, we can use your gold.

This article is all about how to clean your own jewellery at home, how to prevent your jewellery from getting dirty in the first place, and all sorts of things to avoid at all costs.

In this article, Darrell talks about some very good things to consider when choosing an engagement ring.