Ring Jackets

A ring jacket looks like two rings, one on each side of the engagement ring, but they are joined at the bottom. The engagement ring slips between them when you put it on your finger. The rings stay in place as though they were soldered together, but you can still remove the engagement ring to wear by itself if you want to. Jackets are also a great way to add design elements to existing engagement rings. The jacket also protects the bottom shank of the engagement ring from being worn, which extends its life.

"Unexpected Twist"

This is an example of an engagement ring and wedding jacket. We first made the engagement ring, then the couple came back to have this simple and attractive wedding jacket designed. When the engagement ring is placed inside the jacket it fits perfectly, stays centered, and looks like three rings soldered together. The engagement ring can still be worn by itself, and the wedding jacket could actually be worn on another finger with an interesting effect. A ring jacket gives you lots of options.

"Coast to Coast"

This is an example of a ring jacket that we built to go with an existing engagement ring. The original ring was made with platinum and 18kt yellow gold and diamonds. We used platinum and 18kt yellow gold to form the jacket so it matches in every way, and the natural yellow to green coloured diamonds really added to the overall look of the set. We can build jackets for any ring, not just the ones that we ourselves have created.

"Love's Embrace"

This is an example of a ring jacket that accomplishes an effect that wedding bands just can't. The engagement band on its own is breathtakingly beautiful, but the overall effect of framing the marquis cut diamond in the center with two marquis cut amethysts is remarkable. The jacket allows for there to be open space which is an essential part of this design, while it holds everything together in the perfect spot.

Jackets open up a lot of design options and we really love making them. Ring jacket sets sit centered and aligned on the finger and let you chose what look you want for any occasion. We have even made multiple jackets for engagement rings, using different colours of gold and stones in each jacket to change the look of the set entirely. Perhaps one jacket is plain gold and creates the effect of a thick band with a prominent center stone, while another jacket has multiple colours of gold and several diamonds to achieve a very fancy look for special occasions. For more examples of ring jackets look for "...And A Day", "A Time for Love", "Endless Adventure", "Entwined", "Finally One", "Happily Every After", "Her Highness", "Life", "Out of the Blue", "The Nature of Love - Hers", "The Perfect Path", "Slightly Skewed", and "Yes!".

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