At Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths we do many things. We design and hand make one of a kind jewellery. We do repairs and sizing's. We melt down your old jewellery and make it into something new for you. We rescue or reinvent antique and heirloom jewellery. We build ring jackets and hinged bands for arthritic fingers. We do these things and more, and if you need something done that we don't do, then we will try and point you in the right direction.

Ring Jackets

Something special we do at Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths is make ring jackets. A ring jacket is ideal as a wedding band for an engagement ring. The engagement ring slips into the jacket to create the look of three soldered rings, but you still have the option to wear your engagement ring on its own. 

Jewellery Rescues

Some things are worth rescuing. Our goldsmiths take pride in their ability to do what it takes to preserve and extend the lives of heirloom and antique pieces.

Making New Jewellery from Old

You may have jewellery that has meaning to you, but you aren't wearing it for one reason or another. We can help make it into something you will wear and treasure.

Hinged Bands

Another special talent of our goldsmiths is making hinged bands. If you have arthritis or large knuckles you may find that your rings don't fit, or they are sized so they will fit over your knuckles but they spin on your fingers. We have an answer for that, hinged bands! A hinged band is designed to let you take a ring on and off easily in a way that allows you to have it the proper size to fit your finger - securely and pain free.

Repairs, Sizing's, & Specialty Jobs

We take care with repairs and sizing's, and do everything in our studio - nothing is ever sent out. Read more to find out just what we do, and if you don't see something here, then please phone or come in and ask us.


Yes, we do appraisals. Here you will find a sample appraisal and a little information about our methods, and what we think a good appraisal should look like.