Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths and Ducks Unlimited

For nearly a decade Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths has been giving donations, generally in the form of jewellery for auction or prizes, to Ducks Unlimited. Ducks Unlimited established the Teal Award Program to recognize those who make a lifetime contribution of $5000 or more of gifts in kind, and so we count our ducks...

This is our Pewter Teal Duck Award, which recognizes $5000 in donations.

This is our Bronze Teal Duck, which recognizes breaking the $10,000 donation level - and the next duck we're shooting for (excuse the pun) is the Silver Teal Duck, which is for $25,000. It might take us a few years yet, but we're on it!

One year at a Ducks Unlimited Event, after the Pewter Duck but before the Bronze, Darrell Hubbell was shocked to receive this Emily Carr giclée (print on canvas).

The Ducks Unlimited organizing committee decided to give this present to Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths in recognition of the contributions to the community of Prince George and to Ducks Unlimited Canada. What a very nice and unexpected thank you! This print hangs in our store to this day.

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