Clan MacKinnon Silver Belt Buckle

Clan MacKinnon Hand Carved and Assembled Silver Belt Buckle

I was approached by Gerald MacKinnon, who resides in Prince George, with a request to build a replacement buckle of a very old one that had gone missing. This buckle was part of the clan chiefs' regalia. I learned that Gerald's official title was The MacKinnon of MacKinnon and that he represented the hereditary chief of the clan MacKinnon. It took almost two years to create the buckle and the clan was very happy with it. I was pleased and surprised when I was presented with the honor of being made a gentleman of the clan. -Darrell Hubbell

This is the picture of the original belt buckle that Darrell used to build the new one.

Darrell was presented with this certificate after finishing the belt buckle. Here is the the transcription:


Certificate of Appreciation is awarded to

Darrell Hubbell

by a grateful

Clan MacKinnon Society

In recognition of his skill in crafting the regalia of the Representative of the MacKinnon of MacKinnon Darrell Hubbell is awarded the position of honorary Duine-usual, of Gentleman of the Clan. By virtue of this appointment, made at the pleasure of the High Commissioner of the Clan MacKinnon Society and with the consent of the Representative of the MacKinnon of MacKinnon, Darrell Hubbell enjoys the consideration, respect, and favor of the Clan MacKinnon.

Dated this 30th day of June, 2008

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