Darrell Hubbell - Designer Goldsmith

 ~A One of a Kind Dream

Darrell Hubbell (third from the bottom) was born in the East Kootenay area of BC, but his formative years were spent near the Yukon border at Cassiar. There, his father found a deposit of nephrite jade and staked it. Darrell began to cut and polish jade at the age of twelve. As the family rock shop progressed, he moved up to cutting a wide variety of gems, and doing some gold and silver smithing.

By the age of fourteen he had already decided that when he grew up, he would own a jewellery store where he made all the jewellery. After jobs in industry and retail jewellery stores, Darrell finally did open his store at 255 Quebec Street, Prince George, BC in November 1984.

Since then, the business has grown and evolved, always with the 'best hand-made jewellery possible' as the central theme. Improving his community has always been very important to Darrell, and he has been involved in countless community events and has received many awards in his over 25 years as a business owner.

In September 2000, Darrell moved his business into the main lobby of the Coast Inn of the North in Prince George. In November of 2009 Darrell was ecstatic to celebrate Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths' 25th year of business, and he is still designing and making one of a kind jewellery today.

~Serving His Community

Make the world a better place. Make this community a better place. It's a simple statement and a clear goal, and it's just what Darrell Hubbell is all about. Darrell was named the Prince George Citizen of the Year in 2011, and has been on many committees and has spent countless hours trying to bring about positive change in this community. He also always brings good jokes (and bad puns) to keep everyone's spirits up. Darrell pours effort into creating special pieces of jewellery for all sorts of fundraisers, celebrations and worthwhile causes in this community, and is more than generous with gift certificates. Darrell is a promoter as well, and spends a fair amount of time spreading the word about great organizations, clubs and events happening in and around Prince George. He is great at connecting people who can help each other, because if you get the right people with the right skills together great things are possible! Darrell encourages and inspires volunteerism in others and is an especially ruthless recruiter for Rotary. (Pictured Above: Roy Spooner present Darrell with his nominee plaque for Retailer of the Year 2011)

Darrell Hubbell first joined Rotary in 1991 and has served as the Sergeant of Arms three times. He recruited five new and active members in this 2010 alone, and was honoured with the Rotary District Govenor's Award for exemplifying the ideals of Rotary, service above self. Darrell has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce since 1995. He organized and financed the Strauss Ball in 2007, and was on the three person committee who organized and financed the Strauss Ball in 2009 and 2010. Darrell spent eight years on the Prince George Community Foundation's Citizen of the Year committee which organizes the event which is a huge fundraiser for the foundation. Though he's taking a break from the Citizen of the Year committee he will still contribute to the fundraiser, and Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths' past contributions total over $16,000 as of the 2012 event. Darrell has also served as a board member for Two Rivers Gallery and The Prince George Symphony Orchestra, and his business gives donations of jewellery, gift certificates, and time to many, many charities, organizations, and schools in Prince George and its surrounding area. Darrell has every intention of continuing his community involvement for many years to come.


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