Making New Jewellery from Old

Jewellery can be deeply tied to emotions. A parent or grandparents passed down wedding ring, the first piece you bought yourself, or your own wedding ring from a marriage that didn't make it. The emotions involved can be complex and powerful. Jewellery is often tied to significant moments and turning points, and can be a mark of changes in your life. Jewellery can be transformative, a symbol of goals set or achieved, personal strength, and love.

You may have jewellery that has been passed down and has sentimental value, but just doesn't suit the person you are now. Why not use it to make something you will wear and treasure, and know that is still a connection to your loved ones and the past. Sometimes melting jewellery down and reforming it can be a kind of cleansing process, and you can use it to make a statement to yourself, to redefine yourself, your capabilities, and as a reminder of your inspiration and determination. You may have mismatched earrings and damaged jewellery, or trinkets that no longer suit your tastes. You can bring those things in for us to use as well. We will listen to your stories if you want to share, and work with you to design something special.

"When We All Come Together"

This pendant is a very free form creation that started as a large collection of donated scrap jewellery. We sorted it, cleaned the gold and gems, and then formed this pendant. The scrap jewellery was donated by supporters of the Two Rivers Art Gallery and we created this pendant for a fundraiser for the gallery. 

"...Is Right"

This ring was created from a mass of old jewellery. We took many rings, removed the stones, picked the best of the diamonds, designed this with the customer, and got busy making it come to life. This ring suites her very well and has brought together a lifetime worth of memories into one piece she loves. Just what we love to do!

"Sure Feels Good"

This is an example of a more orderly design which was made from reclaimed jewellery. The bezel that holds the diamond is the only new material. This is a great example of how to turn something that you do not use into something that you can wear every day.

We are happy to bring new life to old jewellery and because we make everything right here in our studio by hand, it is right up our alley to melt down and recreate jewellery by designing and creating something new and better suited to you, or someone you love. Our purpose is to make the world a better place for each person who walks through our door, and the process of remaking jewellery is one way we are able to do that. For some examples of jewellery that we have made in this way take a look at "Aspiration", "Coalescence", "From the Moment We Met", "I Love You Sailor Boy", "Mad Dog Love", "More Than You Know", "Ready for Anything", "Surprise", "The Wisdom of Experience" and "Wherever the Current Takes Me".

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