Repairs, Sizing's, and Specialty Jobs...

We can do almost any repair or sizing, we work with gold and platinum, and we occasionally work with silver as well. We do it all ourselves on site and never send anything out of our studio. The wait time for repairs and sizing's is reasonable, and if you have an emergency or special occasion coming up we will do our best to accommodate you. December is our busiest time of the year so any repairs or sizing's that need to be done may take a little longer. We'll always do our best to get your pieces back to you as soon as possible, and we take great care with each and every piece that is entrusted to us. We do not repair watches or carry watch batteries, but we will do our best to steer you in the right direction.

Some of the standard things that we do are as follows: chain repairs, ring sizing's, half shanks and full shanks, claw tipping, pearl stringing and re-stringing, soldering rings together, unsoldering rings, adding or repairing clasps and bales, removing and resetting, or replacing stones with new ones. We also can do a fair amount of different kinds of special requests, from belt buckles to setting diamonds in teeth, just ask and we'll do what you need if we possibly can. For pricing just bring in what you want worked on and we will give you a price, not an estimate, as to what it will cost to do the work you want. We will also inspect anything you bring in and advise you if there is further work needed before you leave your jewellery with us.

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