News & Events

In the following pages you will find out about Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths and our role in this community. This is where we archive the articles about our store and our staff, as well as ones that Darrell Hubbell writes and the videos that our staff makes. You can also find out about events in our community and the donations we make to them and some stories about our community involvement and the rewards we have received.

Articles by or About Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths

This is where you will find all of our Articles by Darrell Hubbell, the founder and designer goldsmith of Hubbell Design Goldsmiths, or Kim Bonnell, his apprentice goldsmith. There are also articles on our store and staff by local newspapers. We talk about different topics and share the experiences and wisdom we have collected over our lifetimes.


This is where to go to watch videos made by the staff at Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths. You will find advice, information, and examples of what we do.

Awards & Achievements

This is where we share a few stories of the honours we have received for our efforts in this community.