Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths makes many donations to organizations and events that benefit the community of Prince George. We have an ongoing commitment to do what we can to make Prince George a better place. Here is a collection of some of those donations. We will continually update this page with upcoming and recent donations so you know what events to attend for a chance to bid on or win Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths' pieces or gift certificates. Let's make this community a better place!

Jewellery Donations

Here you will find all the events that we donate one of a kind Hubbell Designer Goldsmith pieces to year after year in Prince George and the surrounding area.

Gift Certificates and Other Donations

Not every event calls for a one of a kind creation, but we like to say yes when we are asked to pitch in so here is a collection of events we have supported with donations of gift certificates or other jewellery.