Prince George Business Excellence Awards


Retailer of the Year 2011 Award

On Saturday October 22nd Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths was given the Retailer of the Year Award by the Prince George Chamber of Commerce. This award recognizes excellence in merchandising, product availability, and appropriate price points, as well as an inviting atmosphere and strong customer relationships. Thank you to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation for Sponsoring the Award, to the thoughtful person who nominated us, and to the members of the Chamber of Commerce for their votes.

Corporate Citizen of the Year 1-49 Employees 2009

The Chamber of Commerce awards the Corporate Citizen Award to a corporation that contributes to the community, in both time donated and financial support given, which is significant to the betterment of the quality of life enjoyed by all citizens in our community. This corporation is seen as an integral part of the community, providing a leading role through their involvement in multiple community concerns.

In 2009 we received this award from the Prince George Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards for Corporate Citizen of the Year 1-49 Employees. The Business Excellence Awards would not be possible without sponsors, so we would like to thank the Spruce Credit Union for their sponsorship of this award in 2009. Though the Chamber of Commerce keeps the identity of the people who do the nominating secret, we would like to say thank you very much to them as well!

In 2008 Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths sponsored the Corporate Citizen of the Year Award 1-49 Employees and the Spruce Credit Union won it. Congratulations!

In 2007 Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths suggested that the Corporate Citizen of the Year Award be split into two, one for 1-49 employee companies and one for 50+. We sponsored the Corporate Citizen of the Year Award for 1-49 Employees this year.

Corporate Citizen of the Year 2005

In 2005 Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths was awarded the Corporate Citizen of the Year Award. It was sponsored by The Academy of Learning. After the win, Darrell Hubbell wrote an article for the Chamber of Commerce about how rewarding community involvement really is. Here is what he said:

The first time I won this award (2004) the biggest realization that hit me was that the contributions we make to the community really matter. I became even more committed to doing my part to make our city a better place. Receiving the award for 2005 was icing on the cake... and the 'cake' is being able to help a variety of good causes. I have learned that giving without expectation of results is a great path to happiness. And, just to let you know, the results have been terrific! Thanks to all the members of the Chamber who have supported us in supporting others.

Corporate Citizen of the Year Award 2004

2004 was the first time Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths won the Corporate Citizen of the Year Award - and that was an honour that made 2004 especially memorable for us. Superpages were the sponsor in 2004, so thank you very much!


Other Nominations

In 2004 we were also honoured by being nominated for the Community Booster (Business) Award and for the Manufacturer of the Year Award. Thanks Prince George!

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