Jewellery Information

Jewellery Information - now this could easily be a never ending category... We have collected some information and tips that we think may be helpful to you about jewellery, and links to pages where someone else has already got it right. If you have a specific question about something, come into our studio or give us a call and we'll do whatever we can to assist you. If you want to know about some of the special things we do in our studio, look under the services section. You can also check out our articles by Darrell page and our videos for more Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths wisdom.

Keeping Jewellery Clean

Here we share some methods for keeping your jewellery looking its best - and dispel some myths that about cleaning that actually damage your jewellery.

Soldering Vs Fusing

We talk about the difference between soldering and fusing gold and why we chose to do things the way we do.

Cruise Ship & Vacation Jewellery

This is a topic that comes up fairly often in our lives, and so we would like to share a little of our experiences on the subject.