Jewellery Rescues

Working with antique jewellery can be very difficult. It can also mean the world to someone to be able to preserve history and keep an heirloom in the family, so our philosophy is: if it's possible, it's worth it. We have done many different things with antique jewellery, including repairing, reinforcing, rebuilding, and updating. If you have an heirloom piece, or a treasure of an antique, bring it in so we can discuss what you want and what the different possibilities are. Here is an example of one rescue we were pleased to do.

"Everything Old"

The center ring in this band came to us as a family heirloom, but was quite frail. There was delicate lacework throughout the entire band that would need to be sacrificed in order to be replaced with something thick enough to survive, or so one would think. What we did instead is what you see in this picture, we devised a way to support and protect the heirloom ring by building a wide 18kt yellow gold band to fit inside of it. We soldered the old and the new together and then added 18kt palladium white gold bars to the sides of the new band and set eighteen diamonds into them. The heirloom ring still contains its three original old European brilliant cut diamonds in the original setting. The intricate lace-like details of the heirloom ring are now protected and should be good for another generation or two of appreciation. This ring is titled "Everything Old" and can be found in our Portfolio section. Some other rescued rings to look for include "Instant Heirloom", "Pass It On", and "Out of the Past".

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