Hinged Bands

A hinged band's purpose is to fit snugly and gently on the finger of someone with large or arthritic knuckles. It takes just one hand with a pen or similarly shaped object to open the hinge and slip the ring off, but it stays on quite securely during normal wear. From the top, the band is all about the design, and the hinge is not noticeable. There is no reason that changing finger shapes should disable a person from wearing their jewellery. It is a part of our culture, and to some it is a part of their identity. We can create rings with hinged bands, and can sometimes modify existing rings and give them hinges. Here is an example of a lovely hinged band.

"Era of Elegance"

This band was created to perfectly fit the finger of one of our clients who has arthritis. She was at a point where she could choose to no longer wear her beautiful rings, or have them sized so they were large enough to fit over her knuckles and as a result spin and slide on her fingers. A hinged band was the solution, and we were very happy to be a part of it. In this case, we created this whole ring and set the client's own diamonds into it.

Here is an example of an existing ring set that we added a hinge and clasp to. This started as three bands soldered together and we replaced the bottom of the band with a single piece with a hinge and clasp. On the outside the piece is carved so that the lines match the lines of the top three bands so it still looks like a three ring set from the outside. Many existing rings can have hinged bands added to them, though there are a few kinds of rings that present a problem. The best way to find out if a ring hinge is possible is to bring in the jewellery that you would like hinged for us to look at.

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