A View of Our Studio

The Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths studio is in the main lobby of the Coast Inn of the North, in Prince George BC. Our store has been located in the Coast Hotel since September of 2000 when we moved from 255 Quebec Street.

We have showcases that display the one of a kind jewellery we have ready to go.

You will also find a design area where you get to rest your feet as Darrell works his magic to design the perfect piece of jewellery for you.

Here is the most important thing about our studio, the sign on our wall, our purpose. It took many years to figure out that the word 'jewellery' does not need to be in this sign. This is truly the purpose of our store, and to be blunt, this is Darrell's purpose as well. If you want jewellery designed just for you, come in and we'll be glad to help you, but we're also here to answer questions, give advice, or just listen if that's what you need. See you soon!

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