...Is Right


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This hand formed ladies ring was created from this customers’ collection of old jewellery, including her 10kt yellow gold and diamonds, as well as some new 14kt palladium white gold. In the center of this ring is a 0.57ct VS1 I round brilliant cut diamond of very good proportions bezel set in white gold. There are three similar diamonds ranging from 0.25ct to 0.22ct all set in white gold bezels around the center diamond. The top of this ring also has nine 0.09ct I1-2 H-I round brilliant cut diamonds, bead set right into the yellow gold. There is a collection of white gold inserts on this ring, three on the outside of the ring top, and four on the band, set with a total of nineteen 0.015ct SI G-H single cut diamonds. With a total of 32 diamonds this ring is hard to miss! We have titled this ladies’ diamond ring “...Is Right”.

Specs: 10kt yellow & 14kt palladium white gold ladies' diamond.

This product was added to our catalog on Sep 18, 2013.