...To Those Who Wait


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What a wonderful story we have for this very special hand formed ring. A thoughtful gentleman and husband was thinking ahead to his 60<sup>th</sup> wedding anniversary, just a few years away. He thought how do I celebrate this phenomenal achievement, and the woman who make it possible, and how do I do it without her knowing? This gentleman came into our store and conspired with Darrell. He and his wife dropped by from time to time over the next few years “for a visit” and he and Darrell worked towards this ring a little bit at a time. When the big day came his wife was astonished. The planning was worth it and sheʼ’s yet to get over the surprise. Congratulations on 60 years! The diamond in this ring Canadian, is 0.75cts, and is cut to excellent proportions so it sparkles like the sun. The band is yellow gold and will match her existing wedding band, and the setting is white gold and shows the diamond from every angle. We have titled this piece “...To Those Who Wait”. 

Specs: 14kt yellow and palladium white gold ladies' diamond ring. 

This product was added to our catalog on Sep 20, 2013.