To Thine Own Self...


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This ring is a celebration of accomplishment, a reward, and a reminder. Hand formed in sterling silver, this heavy gentsʼ’ ring has a circular piece of turquoise set from the bottom with a triangle suspended on top of it to create a symbol. This setting is highly protective of the turquoise ensuring that it will stand up to the tests of time. The crown of this band has a polished finish and comes down in layers, defined and accentuated with carved lines. The sides have triangles carved into them with a stipple texture on the inside and a frosted finish running down to a bottom which has a river texture. Inside the band, hand engraved, is the date July 6th 1975. We have titled this band “To Thine Own Self…”.

Specs: sterling silver and turquoise gentsʼ ring.

This product was added to our catalog on Sep 19, 2013.