Still Waters Run Deep


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This is a one of a kind, hand formed gentsʼ’ diamond ring. The band is primarily 14kt yellow gold with an area of 14kt palladium white on each side of the top half of this band. The white gold rises up from the band to form a protective space where a 0.41ct SI1 G round brilliant Canadian diamond is set in a white gold bezel. While the outside and bottom half of the band have a polished texture, the protected area of yellow gold at the top has a horizontally frosted texture. This gentsʼ’ band is 9.7mm wide, and there is a 0.01ct round brilliant cut diamond set in the inside of the band. We have titled this commanding yet subtle ring “Still Waters Run Deep”. 

Specs: 14kt yellow and palladium white gold gentsʼ’ diamond ring.

This product was added to our catalog on Sep 19, 2013.