Out on a Whim


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This is a one of a kind, hand formed engagement ring and wedding jacket set. The engagement ring is 14kt palladium white gold with the band set at an angle featuring a 0.36ct SI1 F princess cut diamond of very good proportions set in a bezel in the center of the ring. Two 0.08ct SI1 G-H round brilliant cut diamonds of very good proportions are set in on either side of the center diamond. The 14kt yellow gold ring jacketʼ’s bottom has is a bridge with a carved space for the engagement ring jacket to fit into, and from there a band raises up on either side on the engagement ring, which fits snuggly in the center. The ring and jacket combination allows one to wear just the engagement ring, or to wear them as set that will always line up. We have titled this ladiesʼ’ diamond engagement ring and jacket set “Out on a Whim”.

Specs: 14kt yellow & palladium white gold ladies' diamond ring & jacket.

This product was added to our catalog on Sep 19, 2013.