Yes Ma'am


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This is a one of a kind ring for a one of a kind woman with a one of a kind family. This family ring features a 0.53ct round brilliant cut diamond with nine stones to represent the family. Two of the family stones are 2.5mm round brilliant cuts, one emerald and one alexandrite. Seven of the family stones are 2.2mm round brilliant cuts, one sapphire, two amethysts, one ruby, one garnet, one ruby, one garnet, one blue zircon and one citrine. The diamond is set into a long pear shaped piece of raised white gold, and the family stones are bead set into the yellow gold. There is carved detailing down one side of the ring which continues around the rest of the band with a polished finish, while the area surrounding the family stones has a beaded texture. From every angle this is a ring that says I know what Iʼm doing and I know what Iʼ’ve done, so we have titled it “Yes Ma'am”!

Specs: 14kt yellow and palladium white gold ladies' diamond family ring.

This product was added to our catalog on Nov 20, 2013.