Love From Canada


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Usually we make rings that are one of a kind, but with this ring we also got to give an experience that was one of a kind! The Prince George Rotary Clubʼ’s foreign exchange student from Germany was invited to our store to help design and make a ring she could bring home with her as a reminder of her experiences in Canada. The ring is made from artistically twisted 14kt palladium white gold with a natural nugget from Atlin, BC soldered onto it. There is a 3mm aquamarine set into the heart shaped nugget. She melted gold, cleaned and rolled it, bent it, soldered it, and helped to polish it – pretty good for her first day as a goldsmith eh? We hope this will be a treasured reminder of her time spent in Prince George, and we have titled it “Love From Canada”.

Specs: 14kt palladium white gold ladies' aquamarine and nugget ring

This product was added to our catalog on Oct 4, 2013.