Waterfall of Love - His


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This gentsʼ’ band was created in 1993 in 18kt yellow gold. It is part of a wedding set that includes a matching ladiesʼ’ wedding ring. This band was created from a hand carved wax that was cast and hand finished. The design inspiration is of mountains and sky. While the band has a circular diameter on the inside, the outside is presented with five sides, all of different lengths. Parts of the bands are carved to resemble mountains, just like in the matching ladiesʼ’ band, which also has bezel set diamonds. We are proud to show how well these rings look after so many years. You could say theyʼ’re in as great of shape as the marriage that inspired them! We have titled this gentsʼ’ band “Waterfall of Love – His”; make sure to look at the matching ring, “Waterfall of Love – Hers”.

Specs: 18kt yellow gold gentsʼ’ band.

This product was added to our catalog on Oct 4, 2013.