May I Have This Dance - Hers


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This one of a kind, hand formed ladiesʼ’ engagement ring and wedding jacket is a union of platinum and 18kt yellow gold. The engagement ring is made entirely of platinum with a frosted band and a polished full bezel that hold a 0.85ct VVS2 G princess cut diamond which is cut to good proportions and thus gives off light from every angle. The wedding jacket which is made of 18kt yellow gold embraces the engagement ring snugly and completes its design. We have titled this ladiesʼ’ engagement ring and jacket “May I Have This Dance – Hers”, and the design of these rings compliment there mate, “May I Have This Dance – His”.

Specs: platinum ladies' diamond engagement ring and 18kt yellow gold wedding jacket.

This product was added to our catalog on Oct 4, 2013.