Wherever the Wind Blows


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Interesting things can happen when you bring in multiple pieces of old jewellery and want to form a  singular creation that is so much more you! This 12kt yellow gold ladiesʼ’ ring is 13mm wide and has fantastic ʻ‘smacked upʼ’ texture, which is to say hammered texture with frosting inside each of the hammer marks. Scattered playfully across the top of the ring are three 14kt palladium white gold bezels each with a round brilliant cut diamond of their own. The diamonds are 0.09ct, 0.06ct and 0.04ct in size. All of these elements are combined in this one of a kind, hand formed ring we have playfully titled “Wherever the Wind Blows”.

Specs: 12kt yellow gold and 14kt palladium white gold ladies' diamond ring.

This product was added to our catalog on Oct 4, 2013.