Secrets Untold - The Earrings


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There is great care taken in the creation of each piece of jewellery we make, and these earrings are a wonderful example of how that attention to detail can really make the difference between nice and absolutely amazing. Each of the earrings has one 1.26ct diffusion treated Madagascar ruby with a very clean, very bright red colour with a touch of orange and one 0.25ct VS2 F round brilliant cut diamond of very good proportions. Each stone is set in a four claw, one stage basket, the rubies in yellow gold and the diamonds in white, which are attached to the frames which are made with mirroring yellow and white gold pieces. They close with a hand formed hinged post and clasp. These earrings were designed to match a ring named “Secrets Untold”, and so we have named them “Secrets Untold – The Earrings”.

Specs: 14kt yellow and palladium white gold ladies' ruby and diamond earrings.

This product was added to our catalog on Sep 20, 2013.