Love of Life, Life of Love - Hers


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When you find love that will last your lifetime you know that you have found the single greatest thing that life can offer. This ladiesʼ’ engagement ring and wedding band are a humble symbol of that connection, of that treasure. We created this 14kt palladium white gold wedding jacket to fit and frame the engagement ring, and also designed and created a gentsʼ’ wedding band which is the match to this set. The jacket is designed to hold the engagement ring at a diagonal angle and where the arms of the jacket join at the bottom of the ring there is a pattern carved into it which matches the gentsʼ’ wedding band. We have titled this ladiesʼ’ wedding jacket “Love of Life, Life of Love – Hers”.

Specs: 14kt palladium white gold ladies' wedding jacket.

This product was added to our catalog on Sep 20, 2013.