Relic of the Past


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Some gems are just so interesting they beg for a one in the world setting designed just for them, and we are always happy to answer those prayers! The piece of Baltic amber in this pendant has a perfect insect specimen preserved in it, a tiny ant – we promise it wonʼ’t bite! The ant in amber is held firmly in a five claw handmade sterling silver basket with a solid back that connects to a swirling silver frame with a jump ring at the top. There is a sterling silver and 10kt yellow gold bale that the whole piece swings from, which means that this little ant can still get around. We have titled this one of a kind, custom designed pendant “Relic of the Past”. 

Specs: sterling silver and 10kt yellow gold ladiesʼ’ amber and insect pendant.

This product was added to our catalog on Sep 20, 2013.