Opal Essence


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In the center of this pendant you will find an 8mm x 6mm oval opal with a white base and very lively red and green fire, with a hint of blue. The oval is cabochon cut and is set in a hand made four claw, two stage basket. The frame of this pendant is made up of five identical yellow gold rings that each have a diameter of 5mm. Each ring is soldered to the next, and they are all anchored to a smaller ring that the opalʼ’s basket is attached to. The surface of the rings has a polished finish but there is a circular area around the opal that has a frosted texture. A bale of yellow gold with a stippled texture loops through on of the outer gold rings and allows this pendant free movement to encourage the display of light in the opal. We have titled this pendant “Opal Essence”.

Specs: 14kt yellow gold ladiesʼ’ opal pendant.

This product was added to our catalog on Sep 20, 2013.