Endless Adventure - Hers


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Let’s start with the engagement ring: one 0.20ct round brilliant cut diamond and two 2.25mm blue sapphires, all bezel set in an elegant and interesting hand formed, 14kt palladium white gold ring. No ordinary wedding band would do, so we designed a form fitting, hand formed, 14kt palladium white gold wedding jacket that the engagement band can slip right into. Fits like a glove and with ten more diamonds - lucky! We have named this ladiesʼ’ engagement ring and wedding jacket “Endless Adventure - Hers” in honour of the adventure this lovely lady is starting with her man. We made him a pretty snazzy gentsʼ’ band as well, so make sure to look up “Endless Adventure - His”.

Specs: 14kt palladium white and yellow gold ladies' diamond and sapphire engagement ring and wedding jacket.

This product was added to our catalog on Sep 20, 2013.