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This gentsʼ’ ring is full of personality, and was designed with a special man in mind. Formed from old but sentimental jewellery, this band is 10kt rose and white gold. The band tapers from 12.5mm at the top to 8mm at the bottom, and has dimension and texture in spades. In white gold, at the top of the ring are two initials, ʻ‘Cʼ’ and ʻ‘Jʼ’ hand formed in white gold. Above the C is a 0.17ct round brilliant cut diamond of very good proportions set in white gold and above the J are two 0.02ct single cut diamonds set right into the band. The top of the ring has a stipple textured background, and a solid line on either side separates the top from the sides. The sides of the band have a polished texture and each side has an offset bar of white gold running down it. The bottom of the band also features a stippled texture. We have titled this gentsʼ’ band “Chrysalis”.

Specs: 10kt rose and white gold gentsʼ’ diamond ring.

This product was added to our catalog on Sep 20, 2013.