PG Cougars Player of the Year 2012


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Hubbell Designer Goldsmiths is very proud to have created the Prince George Cougars Player of the Year 2012 ring! Skill, enthusiasm, energy, dedication and teamwork are the qualities of the player of the year and we are happy to help celebrate them. We would like to wish Drew Owsley and all of the current and future Cougars good luck next year. This ring has a hand carved 14kt palladium white gold Cougars logo at the top, while the rest of the ring is crafted from 14kt yellow gold. This ring has a squared profile at the top and flows into a circular band. This one of a kind ring is valued at $2800. Thank you PG for supporting your Prince George Cougars!

Specs: 14kt yellow and palladium white gold gentsʼ’ ring.

This product was added to our catalog on Sep 19, 2013.